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Organic repair Nexxen Organic Repair Shampoo is the latest active ingradient in hair care technology which comdined the benefit of organic moisturized and antural lubricant scientifically. This Hair Treatment System also contain the micro vitamin E and Amino acid which deeply infuses into hair shaft and porous areas to reinforce damaged fibres and to permanently strengthen and recover structure of the hair. It also replenish loosen moisture to the hair due to excessive chemical process, hair becomes shiny, smoother, softer and manageable.

Cleanse hair with Nexxen Deep Cleanse Shampoo, towel dry or blow dry the excessive water. Examine the hair condition, using the suggested proportion of organic Treatment Mask and Organic Essense Serum. Apply onto hair section by section. From bottom to the top Use themol iron or steamer to activate the benefit ingredients as according to instruction. After completion, leave for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.