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Miracle EGF Essence

An essence aiming at premature decay, ageing dehydrating or fatique skin. It could augment matters exchange and metabolize the skin by accelerating the blood circulation to provides oxygen.

  • EGF Renewal Serum Capsules are suitable for all skin types. It shows an obvious effect on minimizing conditions of aging, dehydrated, blemish and fine lines.
  • Because of increasing and nourishing skin cells, EGF prevents and treats dehydration caused by dry weather, and can enhance synthesizing of DNA, RNA and functional proteomics, to nourish and improve hydration and elasticity of the skin
  • EGF brings nutrition elements into cells, to enhance corium cells synthesize functional molecules such as collagen fabrics, polysaccharides, and glycoproteins in order to plump corium connective and firm fabrics.
  • EGF can enhance cells division and eliminate dead cells, minimize blemish and pigmentation to whiten the skin.  Use EGF during and after a blemish eliminating treatment can prevent recurrence of pigmentation.
Break a capsule and put the essence on face directly, or add the essence of the capsules into a cream or a mask is also recommended.


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