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The use of Mini Laser Microcurrent Wrinkle Removal for Eyes will accelerate the blood circulation of capillaries, enhance cell permeability and ensure effective nutrition supply to muscle tissues and skin. Frequent use will enable laser to absorb and decompose eye pigment. Electrical ion can penetrate in depth into skin and supplement moisture to skin, restoring moist, smooth and tender skin.

This is due to the mini size of the treatment head and smart design allowing to comfortably treat all areas. Device will initiate laser emission only when the probe will come in contact with skin to protect eyes and for additional safety.

Low energy laser is compressed from red light of electromagnetic laser at a temperature below zero. It differs from natural light and has an exact color. It is coherent (namely it rotates alongside a straight line) and monochromatic (one waveform), and can reach zenith (i.e. light converges at a focus). With these features, it can penetrate into objects without heating so it won't cause any harm and side effect.


1. The combination of laser and micro-current can promote regeneration of collagen, eliminate pouch and black rim of eyes and reduce wrinkles of eyes.

2. It is convenient for use and carry-on.

3. The laser in the length wave of 650nm and micro-current can effectively penetrate epidermis to promote regeneration of collage while accelerating blood circulation and promoting metabolism.

4.The skin will be elastic and lustrous after use this apparatus for 5-10mins by 1-2 times each week. Generally, the crows-feet of the eyes will be obviously reduced and 40-60% crows-feet will be vanished with 3 months treatment.

5.The mini-watt laser can improve blood circulation with the effect up to 40-60% of the skin. Laser can help to promote blood circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrition to subcutaneous tissue to restore functions of the cells.