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Densifique Hair Density improve hair density of thinning hair. Reveal up to 1700 new hair in 3 months.

Kerastase Densifique is an advanced steam cell science formula that helps to maintain hair density, helping hair to have fuller body and better texture.This non-greasy, leave-in treatment is perfect for men and women.
Kerastase Densifique have a new formula with Stemoxydine and Vitamin B3, B5 and B6 to reveals new hair and create visible hair.This is the perfect solution for sensitive scalps and thinning hair to give your hair a fuller look. Kerastase Densifique is ideal for thinning hair and sensitive scalps.
Direction of use
Clip the top applicator onto the bottle. Apply Densifique directly on to the scalp along partings from front to back. Massage the scalp with the palms of your hands and fingers in small circular movements. Ensure the entire head is covered. Product designed to be left in hair will not become greasy.
Loss of Density : Initialiste in the morning + Densifique at night
Regular Hair Loss : Aminexil in the morning + Desifique at night
Hair Loss with Sensitive Scalp : Serum Sensidote in the morning + Densifique
Application of a vial per day (in the evening) for the period of 3 months.
Densifique Hair Density Size: 30 vials x 6ml

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