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IGORA Royal Colorist’s Color and Care Developer is accurately adjusted to the chemical systems of IGORA permanent hair colour and IGORA Vario Blonde products. Only combined use, guarantees full performance of the product and controlled oxidation for the best results.

What is IGORA Royal Color & Care Developer?

  • Color & Care Developer is hydrogen peroxide, which is stabilised with a mild acid.
  • The release of oxygen in Color & Care Developer is activated by the changing pH value from acidic to alkali.
  • The alkali of the colour cream neutralises the mild acid, resulting in the release of oxygen.
  • Results are guaranteed when Color & Care Developer is used.
    When mixed with a tube of colour, Color & Care Developer (hydrogen peroxide, H2O2), will oxidise (develop) the colourless intermediates (underdeveloped pigments).
  • As the colourless intermediates require a specific amount of oxygen, measurements have to be exact.
  • Color & Care Developer can be used in four different strengths,  6%, 9%, 12%, depending on the colour result required.