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The role of ice ball in beauty:

making skin vascular to be rhythmic contraction and relaxation, improving skin blood circulation, discharge the skin hazardous substances, enabling the skin care products to be full penetrate into skin and make it full maximum effectiveness.

  1. Tightening skin, having a good improvement for the bags under the eyes, forehead wrinkle and eye wrinkle.
  2. Have prominent effects for the rough skin, large pores, and facial telangiectasia and so on.

The  role of ice ball in heath care:

1. Gently discharge the excessive heat, blocking skin disease, reducing adverse leakage of the vascular, reaching the effects of analgesic, itch, anti-inflammatory and swell.


2. Relieve excessive skin tension, spasm, wrinkles, reduce fatigue, and help to repair and regeneration of skin cells.


3. Calm comfort, antipyretic, anti- inflammatory, analgesic, anti-itching, improving the acne, pigmentation, psoriasis, the pain of the trigeminal neuralgia, dizziness, headache, fever, heat stroke, burn and so on