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D'Stess Oil For Body

  • Regain deep sense of calm
  • Restore clarity and mental focus
  • Rejuvenate dry dull skin
- Petitgrain
Provides relief from depression, anxiety and stress.
Prevent body odour and bacterial skin infections.
Aid in treating abnormal palpitations, hypertension and insomnia.
- Rosewood
Good antidepressant
Relief headaches, toothaches & join pain
Keeps brain active, sharp & alert
- Lavender
Reduces mental stress and anxiety
Aids in treating insomnia
Improves blood circulation
- Frankinsense
Prevent hair loss
Boost immune system
Rich in anti-aging proterties
Relief symtoms linked with menses and PMS


Parts to apply:The seven main locations – neck, chest, inner arm, abdomen, waist, inner thigh, under arms and others.


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