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DNA Facial Improve Your Skin Health

As technology becomes more advanced, skin treatments change and evolve too. People find it harder these days to choose the correct treatment that would improve their skin and complexion. Bedazzle Beauty  DNA Facial method removes the confusion by putting your skin firmly in the experts' hands. At your initial consultation either beauty consultant or one of her senior therapists will make a detailed assessment of your skin and then design a bespoke treatment to improve your skin's general health as well as target any specific areas of concern.


Package includes

  • 1-hour DNA facial
  • Double cleansing- Exfoliation
  • Face massage
  • Mask application
  • 30-minute energy back massage treatment


  • Facial brightens facial complexion, moisturizes skin, and exfoliates dead cells.
  • Back treatment helps ease muscular tension and relieve physical stress.


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