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Digital Skin Moisture Analyzer Description:

1. Professional facial device, high accuracy, tolerance allow 0.3-0.5%. 

2. Show skin condition with real figure on LCD display easy to read and let you know how good or how bad of your skin. 

3. Show you on the chart what is the normal skin, keep you aware of getting worse of your skin, and offer you a guide on our chart according to any condition. 

4. Nice outlook, and portable, for home, travling, beauty salon, professional skin hospital. 

5. One touch operation, easy to use. 

6. Two normal AAA batteries power supply which you can get from any store. 


Data of measurement   Nature of skin   Skin care methods
> 20% Dry and skin crack Clean, high-performance products of water, high nutrition moisture, high moisture cream
20~30% Dry skin Clean, pay, moisten nutrition, moisture, attention to anti-plaque
30~40% Mixed skin Clean, pay, moisten nutrition, attention to the anti-smallpox and anti-plaque
40~50% Nutritional and good skin Clean, moisten nutrition, compact, anti-pox
> 48% Oil trend Clean, compact, Extra, anti-pox
< 55 The possibility of a swelling Proposal to go to the hospital for check

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