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Best Whitening Set

Lightening Cleanser

A Unique cleansing gel contains a fruits acids which having a skin lightening effect and helps in removing excess skin impurities.


  • Excellent for excessive dead skin cell.
  • Gentle exfoliate dead skin cell.
  • Effectively remove black head and white head.
  • Maintain normal function of Keratin without over exfoliate keratin.
  • Maintain normal sebum secretion.

Royal Facial Essence

This is a special essence that skin renews and brightening. Leave your skin glow and moisture.


  • Suitable for sensitive, aging, dry, tired and sallow skins.
  • High-unit Pitter can activate cells and reduce wrinkles and stop aging. Its valuable nutrient enhances skin resistance against external harms and triggers skin self-recovery system to keep the skin bright and beautiful.
  • Instantly moisturizing function helps to improve skin condition and regain the nature beauty back.
  • Soften the skin and condition its PH value, also block the damages caused by free-radicals from the skin.

Mineral Whitening Cream:

Harvested from Inca mines and nutured by the elements of the earth for over
thousands of years, the natural Rhodo Lite bring the energy essence from nature
into the deep layer of your skin. Suitable for dark skin and dull skin that lacks vitality.


  • Statutory whitening ingredient, can control the sediment and forming of skin melanin at the same time, and can reduce the compounded melanin and weaken the original pigments. The stability is ten times than common Vit-C.
  • Special anti-wrinkles active ingredients, connects the macromolecules between connective tissue and cells organization. Repairs and heals the damaged skin and returns the brightness of skin rapidly.
  • The medical level whitening ingredients tranexamic acids, can effectively control and prevent the formations of melanin and spots.

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