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BC Q10 Time Restore Conditioner Help replaces missing Keratins and strengthens hair


BC Bonacure Time Restore Conditioner contains Q10-Collagen-Technology to replace missing Keratins and strengthen your hair from the inside, thus leaving you with healthy, shiny & resilient hair for timeless beauty.

Mature and fragile hair loses valuable Keratins vital for your hair's health, strength and appearance. BC Bonacure Time Restore Q10 Conditioner stimulates the hair roots to activate production of the two keratins that subside over time and strengthen your inner hair’s structure.


Coenzyme Q10 - reactivates the production of two essential Keratins that has slowed down over time.

Collagen, a structure protein that is well known for its tensile strength, provides elasticity and refills damaged parts in the hair structure that have occurred over time.

Amino acid Glycine deeply penetrates and strengthens the hair.

Direction for use

- Apply to damp hair, massage thoroughly.
- Massage in and leave BC Q10 Time Restore Conditioner for 2-5 minutes.