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BaByliss Pro NanoTitanium 20 roller hairsetter generates gentle, far-infrared heat to eliminate damaging hotspots and leave hair looking healthy. This set includes 20 velvety flocked rollers, 20 butterfly clips, and 20 color-coded metal clips – everything you need to make styling easy.


  • Nano Titanium 20 Roller Set in titanium coating.
  • 20 butterfly clips and 20 color-coded metal clips
  • Far-Infrared Heat for faster and gentler styling.
  • Evenly distributes heat.
  • Ultra-fast heat-up.
  • Velvet flocked rollers for easy grip.
  • Creates Beautiful Curls and Shine.
20 heated rollers in three different sizes:
- 8 pcs large
- 6 pcs medium
- 6 pcs small
1 year warranty BaByliss Pro NanoTitanium 

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