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Aroma Full Body Massage Course | BeDazzle Beauty Aesthetic Certificate

Enjoy discovering the therapeutic and relaxing effects of essentials oils.

This workshop is designed to give you an insight into the uses and discover the delights of aromatherapy, to use with family and introduce you to the possibility of taking a longer accredited course. The tutor will be able to recommend further training after this workshop if you wish to gain a qualification.

It includes the pharmacologic properties of the carrier and essential oils and how they can be used and applied to assist with a variety of conditions. A fun workshop giving you valuable information on a fascinating subject.

Just 8 students for individual attention.


On this course you will learn

  • The uses of carrier oils and essential oils
  • How essential oils are blended and diluted
  • When to use essential oils and how to use safely
  • Which oils are best for various conditions e.g.
    • Circulatory and Muscular conditions - palpitations, high blood pressure, tired and aching muscles and stiffness.
    • Respiratory conditions - Colds, flu, sore throat, cough, sinusitis
    • Skin Problems – Acne, eczema, acne, burns, cuts, bruises, bites and stings, oily /dry skin
    • Digestive System - Spasm, pain, indigestion, nausea
  • Nervous system - Insomnia, fatigue, stress, nervous tension, anxiety, mood swings

Aromatic plants and oils have been used for thousands of years, principally in incense and perfumes and for religious, medical and culinary purposes. Numerous ancient civilisations including the Egyptians used them and they are also mentioned in Vedic Indian literature and in the Chinese Yellow Emperor’s book of internal medicine dating from around 2000 BC.

Today they are used extensively in the cosmetic and food industries, both for their aromas and as flavouring. The essential oils have many therapeutic properties that can assist the body with a variety of ailments, they are readily absorbed through the skin where their biological and pharmacological compounds can affect the body.

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils from raw plant material, including seeds, bark, leaves, wood, roots, fruit and peel.  They are highly volatile and must be used with care and ALWAYS diluted; however they have many therapeutic uses. Essential oils can be used to help with many common ailments and reduce the need for taking pain killers and other over the counter medicines.

This workshop is for beginners - no previous experience is required to attend, you will receive a certificate of attendance.







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