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Arimino Caretrico Shampoo Type H


Arimino Caretrico Shampoo Type H is a unique formula shampoo that repairs gradational damages and is enriched with Glycyrrhizate Dipotassium to minimize skin irritation and Sodium PCA derivatives to moisturize hair. It replenishes damaged hair with moisture, leaving it supple and tangle-free. Recommended for use before straightening / relaxing with an iron, as it provides protection against heat, or after using alkaline coloring. Salon Professional.
Suitable for home use.
Ideal for: Coarse / thick / gradationally and heavily damaged / color-treated hair.

Direction for use

Pump shampoo onto palm and massage into hair and lather. Rinse thoroughly . Follow on with Caretrico Treatment.

Arimino Caretrico Shampoo Type H Size 280ml


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