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Anti Pigmentation Serum (Use at night only)

The pigmentation serum effectively deflects and prevents ultraviolet light from harming the skin.

  • Suitable for the skin types of dull, sallow, uneven tone, blemish, pocks, scars and so on.
  • The stable multi fruit acid can soften the skin and minimize pores, and to enhance metabolism.
  • With well whitening effect, the Pigmentation Serum can resist melanin’s growth.
  • It also fights free radicals, provides effects of anti-aging and fine lines lightening.

To use before sleep is recommended.  The best timing to metabolize pigment is at night.  (Do not use Pigmentation Serum during day time.


To whitening the pigmentation, can use this serum with cotton pads coating on the parts.


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Anti Pigmentation Serum is a must, if you want a flawless skin.