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Angel Lase Treatment

Is a science in which colors from the whole light spectrum are being used to cure several kinds of illness. Light therapy has a large impact on our mental and physical health. Light controls our biological clock and influences a number of crucial body functions.

Angel Lase Treatment offers a broad range of LED light therapy treatments. Angel Lase Treatment offers a all-in-one solution with even more treatments. Angel Lase Treatment is able to combine these colors with infrared (IR) to offer an even broader range of light therapy treatments.

For an optional result, it is important to maintain this regimen every 3 weeks.

Package Includes

  • Welcome Touch 
  • Place Head Towel & Chest Towel 
  • Cleanse Eyes & Lips 
  • Double Cleanse & Exfoliate 
  • Lymphatic Drainage 
  • Extraction  + Antiseptic 
  • Facial Massage / Point Massage 
  • Apply Mask
  • Angel Lase Mask 
  • Place  eye pad 
  • Shoulder Massage 
  • Apply Toner 
  • Apply Eye Cream 
  • Apply Moisturizer 
  • Apply Sunblock 
  • Offer A Glass Of Tea


Duration: 60Mins

The table below shows the meaning of all different colours and their functions.


Angel Lase Treatment Bedazzlebeauty2u

Angel Lase Treatment