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Chrisear Executive Acne Cleansing Gel deep cleanses clogged pores and excess. It is extremely effective in removing impurities, leaving the skin fresh, supple and radiance.


  • Excellent for oily, combination and acne prone skin.
  • Lift away embedded dirt, accumulated oil and dead skin cell
  • Clear-off skin pores impurities
  • Control abnormal secretion of excessive oil.
  • Helps in cooling, soothes itching and disinfectant

Pour a small amount into palm of hand, mix with warm water to lather, clean the face and rinse with water.

Active ingredients:
Witch Hazel Extract -soothing properties
Olive Oil- deep moisturizing effect
Menthol- cool and calm the skin, control excessive sebum secretion

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Executive Acne Cleansing Gel, Solution For Oily Skin!


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